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Hi, I’m Samantha Collison and I am a Self-Love Weight Loss Coach and Hypnotherapist.

My mission in life is to Empower you to see your true potential, help you reach your weight loss dreams and to fully love yourself throughout your weight loss journey.

I will show you how you can easily lose weight but most importantly keep it off.

I have lost over 6 STONE and am still loosing weight, because I choose a healthy lifestyle over a diet forever.

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Are you ready to change your mindset for life?

I specialize in helping women who need to lose over 3 stone, women who are serious about changing their lifestyle and are determined and excited to be working with me because they know their lives are never going to be the same again.

You will finally learn how to stop dieting forever, choosing freedom around food and most of all to start enjoying your life to the fullest.


You are meant to be living your life happy within yourself, you truly deserve that.

You see losing weight has not always been easy for me. I have tried nearly every diet going, I even considered having weight loss surgery.

When dieting in the past, I would loose a few stone only to put it all back on again, plus more as no one can ever realistically stick to a strict weight loss diet for life can they?

It was making me miserable, no one could have advised me to loose weight, I knew what I had to do but I was in denial.


Is this how you have been feeling recently?

My health was at serious risk. I had to do something NOW.

The decision was fully mine and I was finally READY!!

I reached out for help, even though it was hard at first, I got myself a Coach and I had Hypnotherapy. It honestly has changed my life for forever.


That is why I am here to help you change your Lifestyle and Mindset to create a healthier you, that you have been desperately trying to achieve for too long.

I’m here to tell you that you can achieve your weight loss dreams and that you are more than capable. You truly deserve your own weightloss transformation and you do not have to do this alone any more.


Reach out to someone that has been through the struggles of trying to lose weight and whose weight had gone up and down more times than ever.

Reach out to someone that actually truly understands the emotional feelings you’re experiencing, or those late night binges when you feel like no one else understands you.

Reach out to someone that can help totally transform your life.

Reach out to me your Weightloss Coach.


When I started working with my Coach everything changed. I started achieving my goals with ease, it was with my new found self-acceptance and the love I had for myself that helped me TO NEVER GIVE UP!!


I got really focused and motivated and started loving exercise for the first time in my life.

I started accepting and loving me for where I was on my journey now, not just where I wanted to be.

I really started to understand how my mindset worked and that it was my limiting beliefs and past experiences that were holding me back in the past from me reaching my true potential.

Let me teach you the same.


We often forget to celebrate our small wins and in my fantastic 6 week programme and 1:1 coaching sessions trust me we will be doing a lot of celebrating.

The magical thing about my transformation is my new found confidence and not feeling guilty about finally putting myself first. I have two young children and sometimes this was hard for me, but they are so much happier now because we are doing more sports as a family, we all are eating healthier foods and they are seeing how happy and confident their mummy is now.


Can I tell you something else?

I did not follow a single diet ever, not once!! Because we all know that diets don’t work, don’t we?


I live in Essex with my Husband Jon and two boys Caylen and Max.

I enjoy family days out, I love reading, I love eating out with friends, I love going on long country walks, I enjoy Meditation and inspiring others and I love living life to the fullest!!

I qualified in Coaching and Hypnotherapy because it is my absolute passion to help people that are fed up with struggling with their weight, and I have been changing people’s lives ever since.


To me weight loss is so much more than just losing weight or your size clothes you wear, it’s your confidence, its your happiness, and its your future for you and your family.

This is all about me, but how about you? When do you want to finally say yes to your future? Your transformation and your truly deserved happiness?


Join me to start your transformation today, you will be so glad you did.



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