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Hi thank you for joining me on my website, my name is Samantha Collison and I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can feel when you are trying to lose weight. You may have tried hundreds of diets or exercise plans or simply been mislead by the ' quick fixes ' your confidence is probably a bit low but you hide it well from others and inside you feel like people are judging you because of your size. This all stops now! Now is the time in your life you chose freedom! Freedom to feel in control of your life. I Empower YOU to unapologetically love YOURSELF fully first, to quit the diet mentality for good and for you to challenge your current mindset to powerful dreams of yours that YOU take action on. Why am I the Coach to motivate you? Because I know exactly how it feels to feel judged, overwhelmed, out of control, that was me when I was over 20 stone and I lost over 6 stone!! Changing my life around with coaching and hypnotherapy and not following a single diet plan. Backing myself fully and believing in myself just like I believe in you.

It All Comes Down To Mindset

The reason I'm so successful with my weight loss was because I invested in a MINDSET coach and had hypnotherapy. ( after this is why people lose the weight only to put it back on again ) Because we never did fully understand why we sabotaged our success if we lost a few stone and trust me following a diet plan you will lose the weight but unless you fully understand your mindset the weight will go back on! Diet company's have us believing that we will lose weight really quickly with their products when really all it's doing is tricking our body's to want more of it, as it's all part of their marketing plan. Lots of products that say low fat are actually worse for our bodies because of all the chemicals in them that we don't even know what we are putting in our bodies. Are you ready to change your perception around diets and Mindset? If so it will be one of the best investments you make for yourself.

True Transformation!

If this is you, it does not have to be this way. You now have the opportunity to finally find out what is holding you back and prevent putting the weight back. You will lose the weight and keep it off for life. It's time to make a choice. Change your life. Invest in your health. Invest in your future. Invest in you. Don't wait. Your time is now! You will be so glad you did.

Work With Me

Here are some of the ways I can help you on your journey to optimal health!

6 Week Online Weight Loss Program

You will learn in more detail about the importance of your mindset and why diets do not work.

There will be fun worksheets to complete and weekly support from me through a private membership group, where you will also be able to connect with other people also doing the Weight loss programme.

The cost of this programme is £498. I accept 2 half payments to spread the cost over 2 weeks.

4 Week 1:1 Program

I offer a 4 week programme where you will receive a personal coaching session from myself weekly or fortnightly which will last for 1 hour, through Skype or Zoom ( free to download), plus you can access free email support throughout the month to help keep you on track.

This package is really good if you feel you’d benefit from regular one to one support to inspire you and help you stay focused.

The cost of this package is £698 plus you will receive a free months email support after the 4 week coaching programme if you need it.

Payment plans are available where you can pay in 2 installments of £349 first payment before the programme starts and the second payment 2 weeks after.

4 week Hypnotherapy Course

If after 4 coaching sessions you wish to have Hypnotherapy this can be done at my Office at The Dragon Enterprise centre 28 Stephenson Road, leigh on sea, Essex SS9 5LY

or through skype or zoom, the cost is £750

Payments are received through bank transfer or Paypal, at least 2 days before Programme or Coaching/ Hypnotherapy sessions begin.



Holly Newman

"So thank you to this group who is very supportive i took my kids out for the 1st time, we went on the train to town, then got a light dinner, went to the library and got back on the train home.I tell you what i felt so good about myself i would of taken sme pictures but my camera on my phone does not work.Thank you to your group it has really been helping me."

Penny Jane McBurnie

"Cant wait to see what challenge we have to do tomorrow.I just want to say thank you for letting me join as it is helping me walk further than normal, even though i suffer with a lot of pain after it is so worth it and i feel better in myself just going out for a bit so thank you all for making me feel very welcome in this group."

Kerry Davey

"This is a supportive and motivated group of awesome people. dont be afraid to reach out, your in a good place."

Tammy Sampson

"Sam I just had to txt you I hope you don't mind but what seemed a big mountain to climb is now not and I know I put on a brave face but You have defiantly changed my perspective on things, So I can't Thank You enough!! you always seem to simplify it all and instill in me that bit of confidence and self believe I need .. to crack on with it all!! Sam I think your fabulous.. And your support has been invaluable.. I owe you big time. ❤️❤️xx"

My Local Office

28 Stephenson Rd,
Leigh-on-Sea SS9 5LY,
United Kingdom


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